Aparna Varma Illustrator Producer
My name is Aparna Varma and I am a freelance designer / illustrator with a bright sense of color and humor. 
Born and brought up India, I also spent many of my formative years in Botswana. The diverse cultures of these countries have a deep influence on my work and is what I draw inspiration from, in terms of color, pattern, rhythm and stories. My work is mix of modern with bright pops of color, infused with detail and narrative.
I studied Animation and Film in University and I currently dream and draw in Toronto, Canada.
In 2013 I founded an illustrative stationery company called Green Bean Studio <---have a look!
My work was featured on/in:
• BuzzFeed – twice! • Brit + Co • 8 Balloons • Notable CA • Stationery Trends Magazine • Oh So Beautiful Paper
Special Achievement:
Nominated for the 2018 Louie Awards ( a.k.a Oscars of the Greeting Card world ) - conceptualized and illustrated nominated greeting card design.
In addition to my illustration work, I also enjoy working in animation production - currently at Nelvana Studio
Follow along for updates on books and animation projects here:
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