How to Be Human - Written by Sophia Kolinas Illusrated by Aparna Varma
How to be Human: A Bear's Guide written by Sophia Kolinas
Releasing Mar 15, 2023
Published By OwlKids

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A bear and a girl form an unlikely friendship as they show each other the important things in life
Once there was a bear who lived in a forest and did all the regular bear things. But as his home and the world around him change—fewer fish, fewer trees, and less quiet—he notices how tricky his life is becoming to maintain. The sensible thing to do is adapt, so the bear enlists the help of a little girl and asks her to teach him how to be human.
The unlikely duo works together to master the art of being human, but when the bear heads to the city to try out his new skills, nothing goes as planned. Back in the forest, the girl considers that maybe humans should learn from bears instead. So the bear shares his own unique knowledge with the girl, and she ultimately discovers that the Earth is a place of giving, where all living things breathe together.
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